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Osteopathy is a versatile and holistic therapy that takes a whole-body approach and is suitable for treating a wide range of conditions that have their roots in musculoskeletal issues. This doesn’t just mean things like bad backs and sports injuries; many other conditions such as headaches and even digestive issues can have a biomechanical cause, and chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia can also be better managed with physical therapy.

Our unique approach means we can help not just to fix you now, but to ensure your ongoing health and wellbeing moving forward. If you have any questions about whether we can help in your particular case, please don’t hesitate to contact us or book a free 15-minute phone or in-person consultation.

All Conditions

Older lady holding her wrist in pain


Older woman holding her calf in pain


Man sitting on couch holding foot in pain


Young woman holding stomach in pain


Man holding shoulder in pain

Shoulder Pain

Man holding shoulder in pain

Frozen Shoulder

Older man holding elbow in pain

Tennis Elbow

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Older man on couch holding knee in pain

Joint Pain

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Back Pain

Young woman sitting at desk holding back in pain

Aches and Pains

Young woman sitting on bed holding back in pain


Young woman holding head in pain

Migraine Prevention

Tennis player holding knee in pain

Sports Injuries

Woman sitting on bed holding calf in pain

Muscle Spasms

Older woman suffering from neck or jaw pain


Young man suffering from headache

Tension and Stress

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Elbow Pain

Young woman suffering from hip pain


Young man at desk suffering from neck pain

Neck Pain

Pregnancy, Post-Natal Care and Younger People

Pregnancy, Post-natal Care and Younger People

Osteopathy is a safe and non-invasive treatment that is suitable for pregnant mothers. Osteopaths can often help with the demands of pregnancy on the back and other joints of the body, and support you and your body both during your pregnancy and afterwards.

We also regularly treat teenagers and older children for various problems including sporting injuries and postural issues.

If you have any questions about how we can help in your particular case, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Male osteopath discussing with patient at Poplar Osteopathy Clinic Milton Keynes

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Booking an appointment is simple using our online system, allowing you to choose an appointment time that suits you, and to reserve your time and pay online.

At your first appointment we will take a full case history and give you time to explain your symptoms and concerns. We will carry out a full examination and explain the most appropriate treatments for your needs and how you can remain healthy in future.