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Yoga In Milton Keynes

Yoga class in Milton Keynes
We offer group and 1-1 yoga in Milton Keynes

A Unique Approach to Yoga

We offer yoga classes in the Milton Keynes area. Our Clinic Director, Aimee Newton, has over 17 years of Yoga teaching experience and as a registered Osteopath is uniquely positioned to support you if you are recovering from an injury or have a more complicated medical history. 

We are based in Bletchley, and alongside yoga we also offer osteopathy, sports massage and nutritionist services. We offer both group yoga classes and one-to-one yoga.

Aimee Newton teaching yoga in Milton Keynes

Aimee newton

Qualifying as an osteopath has had a profound effect on Aimee’s approach to yoga, providing a deep understanding of the body, health and healing.

Aimee runs group and individual yoga classes, where her students benefit from the enhanced clinical knowledge of the human body she has from being an osteopath. She also trains and tutors other yoga teachers and runs Continuing Professional Development courses.

Group Yoga Classes

Group Yoga Classes

Our group yoga classes are challenging with a focus on stability and integrity of movement. All classes are mixed ability and adapted to you as individual, making them accessible no matter your level of pain, mobility, confidence and experience.

We combine elements of traditional hatha yoga, pilates, stress management, strengthening and rehabilitation. They can be attended alongside an osteopathic treatment plan or as your regular weekly yoga practice.

Attendees are required only to be able to get up and down off the floor unaided and kneeling is often required. If you are concerned about the accessibility of the class please book a free 15 minute consultation prior to attending to determine whether a one to one class would be more appropriate.

Yoga class in Milton Keynes


Hear from people who have attended Aimee’s yoga classes.

1-1 Yoga Classes

We also offer personalised one-to-one yoga sessions for your specific injuries or health conditions. We will come up with a plan based on what you can currently achieve, and using our Osteopathic and Yoga expertise, gradually build up your practice to heal you, reduce your pain, and increase your strength and freedom of movement.

1-1 yoga class in Milton Keynes
Our 1-1 classes can help you to heal and reduce pain

Frequently Asked Questions


For our new patients a free trial yoga class is included as part of your initial consultation – please speak to your osteopath to get a discount code before booking.


Classes are £15 to drop in and can be cancelled or changed with 24 hours’ notice


A 5 class pass (£65) or 10 class pass (£110) can be purchased if you are planning to attend regularly, this includes access to any of the timetabled classes and can be managed by you via the booking website.  You have plenty of time to use all the sessions if you can’t make one every week, which allows for holidays, etc.

Absolutely. Increasing flexibility is a reason to come to yoga, not to avoid it.

Our classes are structured so that you can decide how much energy you use and hard to make it.  There are layered options of difficulty and our instructors will adjust the class to whoever is in the room.  You can push yourself or rest as much as you feel is appropriate.

Of course all are welcome, however if you are unable to get down onto the floor un-aided or if kneeling is an issue please speak to us prior to attending a session

Wear comfortable, breathable clothing.

You don’t wear shoes for a yoga practice however some people like to wear socks with a non-slip sole

Bring your own mat if you have one, if you don’t please let us know and we can bring one for you to borrow until you buy your own

Ideally arrive 5-10 minutes before the class to get yourself settled before it begins.

Bring a water bottle, blanket and any props you might need such as a cushion, bolsters or blocks. If you’re not sure if you need these things please ask us.

This is totally normal, you can discuss with the instructor as you go and adaptations will be provided which are appropriate for your body and level of experience.  Alternatively you can watch till you feel comfortable taking part as  there is no pressure in this class and it’s about you finding your own way. If you want to discuss this beforehand please contact us as we will be happy to talk you through it or provide some 1-2-1 sessions before you begin if necessary.

Avoid heavy meals 1-2 hours before the class. Opt for a light snack if needed.

Our classes are run by medical professionals and are designed to be adapted for individual injuries or health conditions. However if you have a more complex medical history you can book in for a free 15 minute consultation prior to the class with one of our osteopaths – this can also be done via telephone or zoom and can be booked via our booking page.

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